Profile of HANDSON

​Germany HANDSON Furniture (Asia) Co., Ltd. was established in 2005,  at the same time, HANDSON opened the furniture manufacturing  factory -LIMBERG SOFA MANUFACTURE LTD in China.   HANDSON is a wholly-owned medium-sized furniture manufacturer integrating sofas development, design, production and sales. The factory has a production base of 50,000 square meters, convenient transportation and beautiful environment. The company introduces advanced German production equipment and advanced production management  systems, attracts a large number of professional and technical personnel in the industry, and senior experts in the foreign industry as technical consultants.

HANDSON inherits European superb craftsmanship and cultural and artistic concepts. It uses Italian and German manufacturing techniques as its standard, carefully selects materials, strictly controls quality, and pays attention to every detail of the product.  According to the unique body shape characteristics of consumers in various countries, combined with ergonomics, modern aesthetics and mechanical principles,  HANDSON designs fashion and practical products to meet the aesthetic appeal of modern urban people in pursuit of personality and taste, which reflects a new lifestyle.

HANDSON  is a fashionable and high-grade home brand, after more than ten years of brewing and development, has brought unique lifestyle to thousands of families,  and HANDSON is loved by more and more consumers. HANDSON expands sales networks to about 100 important cities around the world, including Franchise shop, store in store, distributors and so on.  Especially HANDSON already had dozens of Franchise stores in home and abroad,  and formed a strong brand effect base on its considerable scale of sales network.

Culture of HANDSON

HANDSON integrates conception, design, material selection, production and packaging into the strong corporate culture.  It embodies the profound interpretation of HANDSON brand on home culture - the combination of art and quality.

Core Values:   Quality is the life of HANDSON.  Details make perfection.Product Concept:  The combination of art and quality.Our Vision: Improve the quality of life and combine the quality of life with taste

Craftmanship of HANDSON

HANDSON emphasizes the uniqueness and originality of each sofa. European high-quality leather has created the elasticity and luster, elegance and temptation of HANDSON sofa. The contrast of sewing strengthens the form and harmony of each HANDSON sofa line.

From the internal structure to the surface decoration, we never tire of careful handling. Because every detail stays the same consistency and excellence, which has created HANDSON's classics and charm from the inside out, letting you enjoy the top of fashion and elegance

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